Find greater success in Mexico

Mexico is your answer! Intermex, your partner!

Why operate in Mexico?

Mexico is a leading economy. Its liberalization of international trade, access to the most important markets, government incentives and our skills to operate the expansion make it the best option to grow.

Boeing 737 Braking System Assembly / Lisi Aerospace Plant in Chihuahua, MX
  • Adjacent to U.S. market; reduced transportation costs
  • Mexican labor force: Young, skilled, highly productive, continually improving.
  • Annual savings up to $20,000 per worker
  • Mexico: Among the best in labor stability
  • Wide range of manufacturing options
  • Solid legal framework for intellectual property rights
  • Financial Stability: Mexico rated Investment Grade country by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s
  • Mexico is a global platform, having 12 free trade agreements with 46 nations
  • Certain treaties avoid double taxation between Mexico and other countries including the U.S., Germany, Canada, Sweden, France, Japan, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, Italy and more
  • Favorable time zone and coordination with the US
  • Wide base of suppliers
Mexico has 12 free trade agreements with 46 nations.

Government support:

  • Mexico allows foreign companies to ship components (raw materials) and production equipment into Mexico FREE of duty (in bond) for assembly or manufacturing processing (Maquiladora-IMMEX program)
  • Mexican government protects industrial property rights
  • Actively promotes, supports all activities, investments related to the export of goods
  • Promotes private investment in transportation services previously government owned
  • World-class airports, highways, railroads and sea ports

If Mexico is your choice of destination, Intermex will provide you with highly competitive advantages for the support and experience that can enable yout venture to succeed!