Use our information to select the right city to establish. We'll make an exhaustive analysis considering your operation requirements and cost-effective logistics.

City Selection

Among many options, selecting a place to install your company may be a bit of a challenge.

We provide a comparative analysis including the local costs and specifics of:

Human Capital



Real Estate

Advantageous data

Operating three different business divisions lets us collect the necessary information to provide our clients with a suited option for their success.

Shelter: We gather the information from comparable markets with our real-life data, regarding salaries, utilites and transportation costs.

Logistics: We constantly move products to and from the main ports of entry to Mexico and know the costs of supply chain management.

Real Estate: We provide the lease price of facilities in a wide range of industrial cities throughout Mexico.


Multicity Proforma

We'll provide a detailed but simple operational cost comparison between two to as many as 10 cities.

It includes, among others:

Labor, logistics, utilities and real estate costs.

Population, industrial inventory, and distance from principal ports of entry and major cities.

Union presence number of universities and technical schools.

Recruitment analysis

We'll initiate the selection and testing proceses in the selected cities in order to find the critical skills you need for your operation.

In each city we'll use:

Newspaper advertising and employment agencies.

Labor pools at universites, technical schools and government agencies.

Contacting people with the skills you need in order to verify current salaries and benefits.

And deliver:

A summary of profiles of available candidates.

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