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With several of the largest industrial markets on the continent, selecting the right city in Mexico could be a bit of a challenge. Intermex offers additional value to its clients by providing a city selection analysis. This service helps foreign or mexican companies start operations in the most suitable city, according to the specific needs and requirements. This includes the following comparative analysis:

Shelter: Mantain presence in the major industrial markets in Mexico. Our database comes from real-life operations. We base information regarding salaries (including benefits), utilities and transportation costs from actual experience in addition to gathering latest information from comparable markets.

Logistics: Constantly moves products to and from the main ports of entry to Mexico for our shelter and logistics clients. We know that supply chain management costs strongly influence the “location-location-location” decision.

Real Estate: We lease facilities in a wide range of industrial cities throughout Mexico.

Our goal is for you to select the city for the right reasons. We have learned that site selection goes for beyond one available building or the desire of a plant manager. We work to make sure that your expectations continue to be exceeded long after you have opened your business.


1) Multicity Proforma

We'll provide a detailed but simple operational cost comparison between two to as many as 10 cities.

It includes, among others:

  • Labor, logistics, utilities and real estate costs.
  • Population, industrial inventory, and distance from principal ports of entry and major cities.
  • Union presence number of universities and technical schools.

2) Recruitment analysis

We'll initiate the selection and testing processes in the selected cities in order to find the critical skills you need for your operation.

In each city we'll use:

  • Newspaper advertising and employment agencies.
  • Labor pools at universites, technical schools and government agencies.
  • Contacting people with the skills you need in order to verify current salaries and benefits.

And deliver:

A summary of profiles of available candidates.